A dress code promotes work ethic and focus in class. 

It also assists our instructors to see and correct placement, position and alignment.


Students must be ready and properly dressed before entering class. 

Students not properly dressed may be asked to observe.


No jewelry in class except for small earrings.  

Dance shoes should not be worn outside.

For girls, hair should be in a bun for combo, ballet, jazz, contemporary & lyrical classes.  

All other classes, hair does not need to be in a bun but it should be pulled back away from the face off your neck and shoulders. 


* BALLET any color leotard, ballet tights, ballet shoes, hair in a bun.  Woolen shrug may be worn during warm up.  Sheer ballet wrap skirt is optional.  No t-shirts, shorts or sweats.  Boys: plain t-shirt or tank, fitted leggings or bike shorts, ballet shoes


* JAZZ/MUSICAL THEATRE/TECHNIQUE  any color leotard, fitted dance shorts, tights or bare legs, fitted dance top, biketard, unitard, jazz shoes, foot thongs, foot undies, turn sole, bare feet.  No flared jazz pants or baggy clothing.  Boys: plain t-shirt or tank, shorts, jazz shoes, turn sole, bare feet.

* TAP fitted dance wear, tap shoes.  No baggy pants or jeans; the lower leg and ankle must be visible.  

* HIP HOP/BREAKING comfortable dance or street wear, sneakers.  

* COMBO any color leotard, ballet tights, ballet shoes, tap shoes, hair in a bun.  Sheer ballet wrap skirt is optional.  Boys: plain t-shirt or tank, shorts above the knee, leggings or bike shorts, ballet shoes and tap shoes.      

​* FUN HOP comfortable shorts or pants, tank, leotard, t-shirt, dance or street wear, sneakers or jazz shoes.  As tumbling is a part of this class, no skirts or dresses.  

​* ACRO/STRETCH & CONDITIONING any color leotard, fitted dance shorts, fitted dance top, biketard, bare feet (sneakers for Stretch & Conditioning).  No footed tights or baggy clothing.  Boys: plain t-shirt or tank, shorts hemmed above the knee, bare feet.

* POINTE any color leotard, tights, woolen shorts and shrugs may be worn while warming up in cooler months, pointe shoes.  (No t-shirts or sweats)

​* CONTEMPORARY/LYRICAL any color leotard, fitted dance shorts, leggings, fitted dance top, biketard, bare legs or tights, turn sole, foot thongs, foot undies or bare feet.  Boys: plain t-shirt or tank, shorts hemmed above the knee, bike shorts, bare feet.

* COMPANY black fitted dance wear and appropriate dance shoes for each dance style.