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BALLET  is a classical, disciplined form of dance focusing on technique and precision of movement. Includes 

barre and center work to gain strength, balance, body alignment, flexibility and good body placement. This class is a good foundation for any dancer.​


JAZZ  incorporates technique, coordination, flexibility and choreography. Jazz can be broad in variety including broadway, classic, pop and lyrical styles.


TAP  is a rhythmic dance form where tap shoes are used as an instrument. Tap encourages strong rhythm, timing and musicality through the execution of detailed footwork.

HIP HOP  a modern and ever evolving style that is highly visible in today's pop culture. In this class, students will gain body awareness through dynamic and intricate movements set to contemporary music.


COMBO  is tailored specifically for 3 to 5 year old students is an introduction to both ballet and jazz. The class teaches basic technique, flexibility, correct body placement, class etiquette, terminology and choreography. Combo is a great start for our little dancers before moving onto our Pre Level or Level 1 programs.


FUN HOP  a fun, high energy class is for ages 3 to 5. It includes hip hop and tap. This class compliments our combo class. Together these classes will help form a well rounded young dancer.

ACRO  practices regimented gymnastic exercises on floor mats. The class develops tumbling and balancing skills to help build strength, flexibility and agility. Students wanting to be a part of the company class are highly encouraged to partake in this class.

POINTE  once a strong level of technique and skill is attained in ballet class, students may add pointe to their schedule. Similar to a ballet class in format, pointe class works the extreme tips of the toes.​

CONTEMPORARY  emerged as a form of dance combining both classical and modern dance elements. As a technique, contemporary is very much a collection of methods and fusion of genres. A great addition to students of jazz or ballet. 

LYRICAL  merges balletjazz and contemporary dance techniques.  Lyrical is performed to music with lyrics to inspire movements which expresses emotion.  A great addition to students of jazz or ballet. 

TECHNIQUE  includes work on ballet and jazz technique to help strengthen all technical dance styles. 

BEGINNER BREAKING  gives students an introduction to break dancing by working on the basics.

MUSICAL THEATRE  this class is a fun performance focused and confidence building class.  It includes acting exercises, basic jazz technique & singing. Choreography in this class is from the world of musical theatre, stage and screen.  

BALLROOM  our non partnered ballroom classes focus on latin and traditional ballroom techniques. 

BARRE  this class is a great addition for ballet students. The class will consist of traditional and conditioning ballet barre work to help strengthen technique and create a stronger foundation for dancers to excel.

STRETCH & CONDITIONING  is a great tool for dancers wanting to get ahead.  Dancers work on stretching and conditioning as it relates to dancers through varying circuits, boot camp, yoga, pilates and strength exercises.

COMPANY  is by invitation only after attending our annual audition. The Company is for those wanting to gain performance experience and/or participate in regional & national dance competitions. Students must demonstrate a high level of discipline, dedication, attendance and skill in order to be considered for the company.


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